Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation isn’t a new idea, you might even think it’s a bit of a buzzword. But for us, digital transformation is a cornerstone of what we do.

For our clients, we provide a partnership that enhances their business with digital expertise and services, combined with over 20 years engineering experience. Our clients have leveraged our digital transformation services to redefine their operational processes, reimagine their business workflows or find new ways to engage and interact with their customers.

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Stats from our clients

Real results across multiple industries

The businesses we partner with are reshaping entire sectors, are generating new revenue streams and gaining greater market share.

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50% Time Reduction

50% reduction in time spent on paper-based processes

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Transforming CX

Digital workflows that have transformed customer experience

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Enabling new capabilities

Opening new revenue streams through a digital collection platform

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Why Digital Transformation

How we do business has changed

De-Risk your idea

Discovery Sprint

Before embarking on a custom software project, rapidly validate your idea or the problem at hand by using a customer-focused design thinking approach. Our Product Design Sprints are a step-by-step process used to define and test a new product, idea or unique challenge over 4 weeks.

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Custom Software Development

Purpose built to fit your business

When an off-the-shelf solution doesn’t fit with your long term goals or your product roadmap, our custom software development service is…

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Technical Audit

Not sure where to start?

A Technical Audit can help establish the resources and capabilities you have before launching into a custom software development project.

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Case Studies

Tricord commissioned a project with GCD to develop a client portal that would enable their customers to gain direct access to their account information.

We reimagined the entire end-to-end system and designed new workflows, to not only satisfy, but enhance their fulfilment of business needs.

We created a progressive web app that has digital transformed their paper-based processes and allows for both online and offline access enabling surveyors to reduce time onsite significantly.

Let’s build something incredible together