Success Story

A digital transformation resulting in significant time reductions

We created a progressive web app that has digital transformed their paper-based processes and allows for both online and offline access enabling surveyors to reduce time onsite significantly.

What we did:
  • Web App Development
  • Software Development Consultancy
  • Support & Maintenance

What was the challenge?

To transform, digitise and automate existing manual and paper based business processes, across all stages of their sale process (from initial enquiry, through sales management, surveying and invoicing), with the aim of:


accelerating the enquiry to completion stage. 


providing greater transparency on activity throughout the purchase process.  


providing surveyors with the right tools to manage jobs and capture required information on-site in an efficient manner.

The Solution

A progressive web app that allows for both online and offline access.

From an account management perspective, the web application has introduced automated importing of sales leads from a variety of sources and the auto assignment of enquiries to staff based on location.

In addition to this, the sales team can now record and report on all interactions and communications against each sale, centrally within the system – tracking them through the opportunity, qualification, proposal and quoting stages.

The overall process for the customer in terms of how they enquire, provide information and ultimately accept or reject any insurance quotations has been digitally transformed. Paper based proposal forms have been replaced with online versions. Completed by clients, these forms are now prefilled with any known information, reducing time to complete.

Upon completion, forms are uploaded automatically into the platform and are used by the accounts team to formulate a quotation. Similar to the proposal forms, quotations are digitally generated via the platform. All relevant information is collated, including associated documents, and is subsequently sent by email to the potential client, from where they can choose online to mark the quotation as either accepted or rejected.

As part of the application, a dedicated surveyor is assigned to each account and is responsible for undertaking a series of on-site technical assessments of each property throughout the build process. As this work often takes place on a building site, an offline module was developed specifically for the surveyors, whereby they can capture all required information on-site, sync directly to the central platform and produce the required reports easily and at the touch of a button.

The Results

Global Home Warranties have successfully transformed their process of purchasing insurance.

Sales Leads

Sales leads are getting to the relevant salesperson in half the time – speeding up response times of new enquiries and claims.


Clients have complete transparency and visibility on progress on their case – reducing ambiguity and providing excellent customer service.


Surveyors are saving significant time on on-site assessments and report production – with one recent survey of 90 plots seeing a saving of 3.5 hours per person and an additional full day trip, based on the previous process.

Company Overview

Global Home Warranties Ltd are an arranger of structural defect insurance – a specialist product that provides cover for new build properties, and a requirement for all mortgage lenders across the UK and Ireland. Core to their service is the provision of tailor made policies, based on individually assessed requirements, supported by dedicated account management and surveyors.


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