Technical Audits

Understanding the current situation of your product, the capabilities and resources you have, and any obstacles in your way, is an essential strategic approach to ensure your objectives are met.

Our Technical Audit provides valuable insights into your current situation and helps to prioritise areas of risk or in need of improvement, so that nothing can hold your project back.

Starting from £10,000

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Do I need a technical audit?

Technical Audits can be beneficial for many, from startups trying to gauge their capabilities before a growth phase, or an established business who needs a deeper understanding of the current capabilities.

Have you recently launched an MVP?

Are you ready for a product growth phase?

Have you researched your product and gained some traction?

Are you launching a new product or service?

What should I expect from a Technical Audit?

Who will you work with?

A senior developer or technical director

How long will it take?

2 weeks

Objectives of a Technical Audit

Highlight any critical or urgent defects

Identify any short term or long terms concerns that could impact the future growth of the product or service

Provide recommendations for general improvements

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What we deliver in a technical audit


A presentation of the findings with key recommendations


A detailed report of all findings and recommendations

What happens during a technical audit?

Our team of experts review the overall approach and technical design of your product to ensure its resilience, performance ability and scalability.


Review the platforms resilience and performance scaling


Review suitability for customer scaling


Review suitability of selected tools and platforms

Future Development

Review suitability for future development plans


Analyse code repository for complexity, quality metrics, code discovery, transparency, security and maintainability


Consider current development practices to highlights any possible changes

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