New digital workflows to improve CX

We reimagined the entire end-to-end system and designed new workflows, to not only satisfy, but enhance their fulfilment of business needs.

The Challenge

Improve processes that were heavy reliant on non-digital with an end-to-end custom solution

The Result

A custom solution that has streamlined operations and improved customer experience

What we did

Digital Transformation, Web App Development

screenshot showing the linergy admin system and app

What was the challenge?

Linergy had a number of issues they wanted to digitally transform, they were running a busy call centre on dated desktop software and were heavily reliant on paper-based workflows and Excel spreadsheets to manage government mandated sampling of animals, as well as payment collections and reporting.

The Solution

Collaboratively with Linergy, we reimagined the entire end-to-end system and designed new workflows, to not only satisfy, but enhance their fulfilment of business needs.

a selection UI elements from the linergy platform

Key elements include:

Cloud-based app

The creation of a new cloud-based call centre application that supports multiple delivery sites for animal drop off, and collection by a network of hauliers and external contractors.


Live integration with APHIS, the DAERA system to manage cattle, that ensures Linergy complies with regulatory requirements at source, vastly reducing human intervention.

Payment engine

The development of a complex payment calculation engine, completely controlled by admins, that ensures Linergy have all the flexibility they need to review pricing and add new services as needed.

Signature capture

The ability for factory floor staff to capture digital signatures at drop off, as well as print receipts and sample labels from a tablet device in situ- substantially reducing both human error and the use of paper.


Integration with label printers and receipt printers for sampling requirements

Android tablet app

Integration with Android tablets to mark animals received and capture signatures from customers.

Mobile kits

The provision of Android based mobile kits (phone and mobile receipt printer) that allow Hauliers to schedule collections and co-ordinate with drivers electronically. Herd Keepers now get a printed receipt from the driver while standing in their own yard.

Direct payments

Support for the taking of direct payments made to the call centre, full or partial DAERA payments and invoicing via a third party; which collectively has produced substantial efficiencies in the management of payment collection.


A custom reporting engine that has given Linergy all the daily reports they need for operations, analysis and decision making.

The Results

Streamlined Operations

The project has completely transformed and streamlined operations at Linergy. Staff are no longer burdened by avoidable admin, a heightened level of accuracy has been realised throughout all processes, and payments are being received faster and quicker than ever.

Customer Experience

In addition to this, and perhaps most importantly, the customer experience that Linergy are able to offer has greatly improved. Customers dropping off animals can be processed without even leaving their vehicle.

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