Digital Product Development

We specialise in building custom digital products with a design-led approach that solve real business problems for our clients.

Whether you are a start-up with an innovative app idea or an established business with a particular problem, our expert team is on hand to design and develop a great product that meets your unique needs.

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Stats from our clients

Real results across multiple industries

The products we have designed and produced are reshaping entire sectors, are generating new revenue streams and winning our clients new business. Join them!

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New Revenue Streams

Unlocking additional revenue streams for one of Ireland's most recognisable brands


Enabling new business

Award winning Netflix style app that brought a new business to market

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Increasing Capabilities

Enabling 100% remote working capabilities for a growing NI company

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Why Digital Product Development?

Our Digital Product Development services are ideal for businesses who face a particular problem that requires a solution to move forward. This could be a single product, an app, or a business process.

We have a tried and tested process that focuses on solving problems, delivering value, producing real results and creating solutions that are a joy to use.

Validate your idea

Product Design Sprint

Rapidly validate your idea or the problem at hand by using a customer-focused design thinking approach. Our Product Design Sprints are a step-by-step process used to define and test a new product, idea or unique challenge over 4 weeks.

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Technical Audit

Not sure where to start?

A Technical Audit can help establish the resources and capabilities you have before launching into a custom software development project.

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Our Digital Product Development Process

Our Product Development Process is agile, its flexible structure focuses on development sprints rather than a rigid structure. We find this is the best way to ensure value is always at the core of what we do.

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Foundation Sprint

The first developmental sprint in a project is provides a core development foundation to build upon through a series of tasks.

Agile Development Sprints

With a blueprint for a plan, the development team begin the build, operating in cycles (sprints) of work targeting prioritised features and epic delivery, with a team goal of delivering working functionality regularly and often.


This phase sees a transition period when the product is “cutover” to the client. To get to here, the product should be designed, built and tested and ready to enter the real world, into the hands of users.


Once the product has been built, the process doesn’t end there. The “final” part of the process in building a great digital product, is supporting it as it enters the real world.

Learn more about Digital Product Development

Curious to know more about digital product development? We’ve written a Blueprint for exactly that!

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Case Studies

A re-imagined fully responsive website built with React to create a true lightness to the site and ensure that the user experience is fast and seamless.

The custom built native apps for have unlocked an industry leading, highly engaged digital readership who consume more content, visit more frequently and purchase more subscriptions.

An award winning 'Netflix' style app that has enabled a new business to be brought to market; taking the farming and agricultural community by storm!

Let’s build something incredible together