Software Consultancy

Our software development consultants are here to help you identify how best to use and build bespoke software to reach your business goals.

Based in Northern Ireland, our team of expert software consultants work with companies throughout the UK & Ireland to help them realise and build the right digital solutions for their unique businesses needs; designing custom software that empowers differentiation and drives real business growth.

All our consultants have over 20 years experience in enterprise software development, spanning various sectors and business objectives. The team provide independent expert guidance across all stages of software projects – from solution identification to architectural planning, through to engineering, project management and delivery.

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Types of software consultancy

Digital Strategy Consultancy

Our team of consultants can assist you in shaping and defining the digital strategy for your business; developing the vision and roadmap required to improve efficiencies, solve business & software problems and to seize new business opportunities.

Software Project Consultancy

Work in partnership with our experts to create a bespoke specification for your next software project. Our team can support you in defining and architecting the right requirements, technologies and teams needed to deliver great projects on time and within budget.

Code Review Consultancy

Is your current software up to standard? Are you experiencing performance issues, barriers to improvement or carrying significant technical debt? A GCD code review will give you clarity on the quality of your existing software; identifying areas of potential risk (ahead of them becoming business problems) and developing a solid roadmap for future improvement.

Legacy Software Consultancy

Legacy software can present challenges for a business, including issues with performance, complexity, usability and support. Our consulting team can work with you to make the important decisions on whether you should keep it, replace it, rewrite it or retire it. By understanding your needs, our team can make sure you make the right choice when it comes to improvement and modernisation.

UX Consulting

Struggling to convert users? Need to smooth out the kinks in your customer journey? Our certified user experience team can help you design better user-centered digital products and apps that blend both the needs of your customers and your business.

Coaching & Training

Our experts offer training for internal development and product teams. All training is fully tailored to your needs and can address the topics that matter most to you and your team. Our training covers a wide range of subjects, from best practices in agile, implementing design thinking as well as hands on training on top languages and frameworks.

Meet our consultants

Andrew Gough Profile Photo

Andrew Gough

Managing Director
Andrew Cuthbert Profile Photo

Andrew Cuthbert

Technical Director
Simon Gough Profile Photo

Simon Gough

Head of Client Services
Greg Dalrymple Profile Photo

Greg Dalrymple

Head of Design

Success Stories

The custom app has transformed Somerville's traditionally laborious workflow into an interactive process that makes it easier to support their clients.

Discover how GCD developed a proof of concept app that transformed the visualisation of ECG data for Northern Ireland Med Tech company, PulseAI.

We created a progressive web app that has digital transformed their paper-based processes and allows for both online and offline access enabling surveyors to reduce time onsite significantly.

Let’s build something incredible together