Product Design Sprints

Our product design sprints help businesses throughout the UK & Ireland quickly solve big problems, articulate ideas, create new products and improve existing processes by using a customer-focused design thinking approach. It’s a step-by-step process used to define and test a new product, idea or unique challenge over 4 weeks.

Starting from £10,000

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Is a GCD Product Design Sprint for me?

From idea to user tested prototype in just 4 weeks.

Need to validate your idea?

Got an idea for a new digital product but not sure what that looks like in reality?

Need to prepare something tangible for investment opportunities?

Need technical guidance to articulate your idea?

Do you know what your product needs but you’re not sure how to achieve it?

Struggling to communicate your idea?

Need to make sure it is technically feasible?

Need to know how much it will cost to build your digital product?

If you’ve answered yes to any of these questions then a Product Design Sprint is exactly what you need.

What should I expect from a Product Design Sprint?

From our HQ in Northern Ireland our Product Design Sprints have been benefiting our clients throughout the UK & Ireland.

User research

Every great software project must fit the needs of it's users. We conduct a number of qualitative and quantitative research activities to make sure any solution is viable with the target audience.

Hi-fidelity clickable prototype

At the end of the product design sprint process you and your team will leave with a high-fidelity clickable prototype that has been tested with representative users.

Prioritised requirements list

We also summarise all the outcomes of the design sprint into a final report so you’ll have a record of all the great ideas generated by your team.

From there, if you’re a startup you can use the prototype to apply for funding or investment. For established companies, it can validate your project, unlocking budget and engaging your team before project kick-off.

Discovery & Definition Workshops

Lean UX Research

Wireframing & Idea Generation

Lightweight market validation

Interactive Prototype

Insight Report

Prioritised Requirements List

Clear Roadmap & Estimated Budget

What is a GCD product design sprint?

Originally developed by the Google team, the original Design Sprint model took a business or feature problem and aimed to solve it over a 4 day period, like a mega workshop.

We’ve taken that idea of solving a problem in a contained period of time and transformed it into our own Product Design Sprint service.

It takes an idea, a group of people and in just four weeks, with a step-by-step design thinking framework, drives the idea through to a valid prototype that is tested with real users. From our HQ in Northern Ireland we’ve been using it to the benefit of our clients throughout the UK & Ireland.

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What happens during a product design sprint?

Our tried and tested Product Design Sprint is an ideal way to take an idea or business problem and turn it into an actionable project plan with a defined solution and estimated budget. Taking place over a few weeks, It’s a great way to ensure that a project is feasible and that a solution is possible before launching into a full product development project.

During those 4 valuable weeks we follow a specific process:

Understand the problem

Ideate the solutions

Make a decision

Create a prototype

Test with real users

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