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Design Sprints

From idea to user tested prototype in just 4 days

But what is a design sprint? Originally, the Google team developed this method but from our HQ in Northern Ireland we’ve been using it to the benefit of our clients throughout the UK & Ireland. A design sprint takes an idea, a group of people and in a short period of time with a step-by-step framework drives the idea through to a valid prototype that gets tested with real users.

What is a Design Sprint?

Our design sprints help businesses throughout the UK & Ireland quickly solve big problems, create new products and improve existing ones by using a customer-focused, design thinking framework. It’s a step-by-step process, defined by Google, used to define and test a new product or a unique challenge. It brings together people from across an organisation to rapidly work through the product design sprint process in only a few days.


What are the outcomes of a design sprint?

At the end of the 4-day design sprint process you and your team will leave with a high-fidelity clickable prototype that has been tested with representative users. 

We also summarise all the outcomes of the design sprint into a final report so you’ll have a record of all the great ideas generated by your team.

Design Sprints with a difference

Over the past few years our experienced team of UX designers has been refining our design sprint process to work hand-in-hand with our software development teams to provide an effortless transition into the full product development cycle.

As one of the only software development companies in Northern Ireland that provide high quality UX design alongside industry leading software and mobile app development we are uniquely placed. Our experience and blend of skills means we can guide you through the design sprint process with realistic expectations and advice around the development of your product.

Benefits of a Design Sprint

The main benefits of a product design sprint are speed and alignment. Bring an idea from conception to interactive prototype in just 4 days.

Easy to follow

Many companies, from small startups to large enterprise organisations are adopting the design sprint process to rapidly solve problems and test new ideas.

Laser sharp focus

They are an excellent way to kick-off larger projects and help the team focus around a single idea or problem.
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Better collaboration

The collaborative nature of a sprint reduces politics as everyone gets a chance to have their opinion heard.
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More speed

In just a few days you can design, prototype and test a solution and get valuable feedback from real users.

Companies using design sprints

When should I use a design sprint?

When testing new and innovative ideas
When the idea is risky or complex
When you need to accelerate or kick-start a project
When you’re stuck
When there isn’t an obvious solution to your problem
When you need your team to collaborate

Ready to run a product design sprint?

Get in touch to learn more about design sprints and learn more about you can use them to solve big challenges, create new products and improve existing ones.

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