Tricord Client Portal

A custom portal to unlock key information

Tricord commissioned a project with GCD to develop a client portal that would enable their customers to gain direct access to their account information.

The Challenge

To create a client portal to improve customer experience and provide full visibility of account information.

The Result

A custom client portal built in the cloud with 24 hour access to account information.

What we did

Custom Software Development, Software Development Consultancy, UX & UI Design, Support & Maintenance

screenshot of the tricord platform

What was the challenge?

To expand on this innovation, Tricord commissioned a project with GCD to develop a ‘Client Portal’ that would enable their customers to gain direct access to their account information.

The aim of the project was to:- 

Improve CX

Improve the customer experience via the provision of access to account information

Reduce Admin

Reduce administration workload via the reduction in the quantity of email and phone call enquiries

Best in Class

Provide a best in class customer experience to achieve competitive advantage

The Solution

In collaboration with Tricord, we designed and created a web portal that is now used by all Tricord clients, providing them with 24hr access to their account details.  The Tricord client area was built as an extension of an on-premises bespoke ERP system “Greenbox”*. 

*Greenbox is an end-to-end warehousing, sales management and order dispatch solution that we tailor made specifically for the Lisburn company. It integrates with many third party systems including Sage, Parcel Force, Royal Mail, Shopify, Magento, Amazon AWS and a large number of Tricord clients’ custom systems.

Tricord’s Client Portal

The client portal is a completely live extension of the on-premises ERP system, however by using master/master replication with MySQL it was developed in the cloud.

screenshot of the tricord platform

The client portal was designed around 4 key areas – sales analytics, voucher analytics, registrations and updates.

By accessing the portal, clients can now:-

View Orders

View all orders and their current status in the fulfilment process

Import data

Import data relating to new sales that need processed and fulfilment arranged

History & Trends

View and interrogate historic sales and order trends

Voucher codes

Monitor and track the usage and effectiveness of marketing voucher codes


Monitor and respond to new registrations for classes or programs running

The Results

Improved CX

Thanks to increased visibility of their account and order information 24/7

Reduced Admin

Reduction in time spent on administration, the information is now visible via the solution

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