CDE Global

Digitally transforming the sales and quotation process

A web based admin portal that digitally transformed CDE’s pre-sales and quotation process.

The Challenge

To provide a more efficient way to generate the intricate sales quotations required for the sale of CDE products

The Result

The successful digitally transformation their pre-sales and quotation process, dramatically increasing efficiency

What we did

Custom Software Development, Web Application Development, Mobile App Development

photo of cde machinery

The Challenge

To provide a more efficient way to generate the intricate sales quotations required for the sale of CDE products and machinery, with the aim of:- 

  • reducing the manual workload and associated spreadsheets required in the preparation of sales quotations
  • decreasing the time required to provide customers with a quotation 
  • increasing access to key documentation (such as product catalogues, technical specifications, case studies, marketing videos and photos etc) for the global sales team, to assist with the sales process 
  • transforming the vast printed product catalogue into a digital format to better support updates to material specifications and prices, as well as increasing accessibility to teams 

The Solution

At the very core of the solution that GCD developed, is a web based admin platform that the team at CDE use to enter, store, update and maintain all product, pricing and specification details for their services. This centralised system replaces numerous spreadsheets and feeds the app which in turn acts as a single source of information for the entire company.

Extending out from this admin platform, is a hybrid app that was developed specifically for use by the sales team on their Windows Surface devices.  The app provides the team with:

  • a product catalogue presentation tool, giving the sales team digitised access to engineering technical specifications, case studies, brochures, pictures and videos. 
  • a quotation generator tool to dynamically generate the intricate sales quotations for customers, based on the selection of predefined products, as well as all associated costs, including required labour, machinery hire, shipping, travel and other expenses. Custom products and cost components are also managed directly in the tool, with full support for currency adjustment based on the geographic market of quotation. Upon completion of the quotation, an automated multi-layered email can be generated and sent to the customer, with links to all chosen media embedded. 
  • online / offline access modes ensuring availability and mobility. The sales team are spread globally and are not guaranteed access to the web when meeting with customers onsite. The app enables an offline mode, whereby the CDE team can access and input information relevant to the sale, and choose to sync this information back into the main admin platform at a later stage, once connection is re-established.
  • ‘read only access’, enabling the sales team to share tailored information directly with customers onsite, displaying comparisons of product specifications and optional calculations, whilst ensuring that sensitive data is shielded from display. 

The Results

CDE Global have successfully digitally transformed their pre-sales and quotation process.

  • What previously took upwards of 3 days to provide a sales quotation, is now completed onsite via the app, with indicative costs and specifications generated instantly within the tool for the customer. 
  • All staff have access to the most accurate and up-to-date information via the implementation of the centralised admin platform. Price changes, specification amendments and updated technical details are immediately synced and available to the team within the app. 
  • Biannual print catalogues, which often became quickly dated due to changes in prices and materials, have been completely replaced with live, interactive and constantly updated digital product presentations.   
screenshot of the cde tablet app

About CDE Global

CDE Global is a wet processing organisation that specialises in the expert design, manufacture and commission of wet processing plants. Headquartered in Northern Ireland, the company has the world’s largest campus dedicated to the processing of materials in the sand & aggregates, mining, C&D waste recycling, industrial sands and environmental sectors.

Operating for over 30 years, CDE have delivered almost 2000 projects globally and are on a mission to be the number 1 wet processing company in every country throughout the world. Driven by an ethos of continual innovation, CDE is constantly moving forward with new products, new markets, new partners and new successes.

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