60% improvement in process time

The custom app has transformed Somerville's traditionally laborious workflow into an interactive process that makes it easier to support their clients.

The Challenge

To create an application which would digitally transform their existing workflows and increase efficiency and accuracy

The Result

A custom app that has digitised their current fault report workflow, improving process time and increasing capacity

What we did

Mobile App Development, Custom Software Development, Software Development Consultancy

Somervilles iPad App

What was the challenge?

We were challenged to create an application which would transform the traditionally laborious workflow of fault reports into an interactive process that would make it easier for the Somerville team to support their clients more efficiently and open new markets for their business.

The Solution

An interactive custom application that makes the process of documenting and scheduling a fault repair smooth and efficient. 

The app can be accessed via the maintenance team’s mobile device to check facilities condition, take an image, highlight issues and submit it for review so a repair can be scheduled. It’s an interactive experience for staff, who can view a digital layout of the store with a fully mapped plan. Finally, this information is shared with the store who can plan ahead and prepare for the work ahead.

screenshot of the somervilles platform on a laptop

Improving user experience is an ongoing key deliverable for Somerville, evident in the enhanced feature set. One of which is the gimbal feature,  the user can ensure they are in the exact same position and easily overlay the new image on the old one for comparison.

a selection of UI elements from the somerville platform

The Results


reduction in previous workflow completion time.

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