Success Story

Video Streaming App of the Year 2020

An award winning 'Netflix' style app that has enabled a successful new business to be brought to market; taking the farming and agricultural community by storm!

What we did:
  • Rest API backend
  • React Mobile Apps
  • Web Based Admin
  • UX/UI Design
FarmFlix apps

What was the challenge?

FarmFLiX engaged GCD to build a ‘Netflix’ style video streaming platform specifically for the farming community, with the aim of delivering fresh and original agricultural videos to subscribers.

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The Solution

To enable FarmFLiX to launch their streaming service, we designed and developed two interconnected digital solutions: 

FarmFlix cross platform app graphic

A cross platform mobile application, for use across Android and Apple devices, to be used by FarmFLiX subscribers to browse and view video content. 

FarmFlix web based admin image

A custom web based back-end application for use by FarmFLiX staff to manage video uploads, content and subscriptions. 

Mobile Application 

farmflix mobile apps

The mobile application was built as a React Native cross platform app, enabling it to be used across both iOS and Android devices, using a single codebase. The app itself enables subscribers to effortlessly browse and view videos, choosing from fresh weekly content and a large back catalogue.

Admin Application 

A web based administrative platform was built to provide FarmFLiX staff with a facility where they can easily manage the upload and delivery of video content to the mobile app. Using a tag function, staff can categorise video content according to topic to allow for easier searching and browsing for users.

This centralised platform also enables FarmFLiX to manage their subscriber base and to send messages via push notifications and sms. 

The Results 

The app has enabled a brand new business to be brought to market; a new start up that is really carving a name for itself amongst its niche target audience. 

FarmFLiX has been recognised as ‘Streaming App of the Year’ at the prestigious UK App Awards. 

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John McClean Profile Picture

Our team is heavily focused on content creation, so we needed a partner to help us achieve a technology stack that can deliver a world-class experience for the FarmFLiX audience.  GCD has created a slick mobile app for us that significantly enhances FarmFLiX.  They delivered it within a tight budget and allowed us to use our experience and get hands on in the project development.  Having a professional and experienced team like GCD build our foundation architecture will pay us dividends for years in reduced maintenance and they will be our first choice for the next phase of feature development for FarmFLiX.

John McClean

FarmFlix founder

About FarmFLiX

FarmFLiX is a subscription based agricultural video streaming platform that produces and delivers fresh and original agricultural videos to both entertain and educate the farming community, farming enthusiasts and those connected to the agrifood sector.  


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