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Fane Valley

Formed in 1903 Fane Valley is now one of Ireland’s most progressive agri-food businesses

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Over the past 13 years we have developed a close technical partnership with Fane Valley, one of Ireland’s leading agricultural companies. In that time we have built and deployed a wide range of solutions for the growing co-operative in nearly all of their companies including Fane Valley Stores, Fane Valley Feeds, Fane Valley Dairies, Linden Foods and Linergy. The variety of projects we’ve delivered for Fane Valley has let us showcase our expertise in a wide range of technologies including .NET, MS SQL, PHP and MySQL in engineering high up time systems for handling cattle tag production, centralised stock purchasing, sales order management and sales CRM.

Each project begins with a challenge, we work closely with Fane Valley to tease out the complexities of real world enterprise situations and recommend the most effective approach for tackling the problem in software. As early as possible we deploy the software in a live environment with real data which helps to uncover real world issues as they appear. All of the internal line-of-business software we build for Fane Valley are ‘open projects’ which we continually improve based on staff suggestions, business needs or external requirements.

Tag Orders

Our “Tag Orders” software allows Fane Valley to capture and process orders for cattle and sheep ear tag production. The system is a .NET client/server application distributed and replicated across 7 of the Fane Valley stores. The software integrates with the DARD APHIS online system to authorise the tag production and with the laser systems from Scriba and Rofin to etch the final product.

Centralised Purchasing System

Despite having an enterprise ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and accounting system already in place the demanding needs of centralised buying for a multi store company meant that Fane Valley needed a tailored software application. The system we built integrates with the existing ERP system to analyse sales and inject purchase orders but adds a workflow for store managers and the buying team to make requisitions, analyse sales trends and make buying decisions. It also maximises the potential for getting supplier discounts while also highlighting inter-store transfers that allow stock levels across the company to be kept as tight as possible.

Customer Portals

Due to our experience in building and hosting all of the Fane Valley Group websites we were in a unique position to provide a familiar interface for customers and suppliers to access their Fane Valley account data online. The customer portals allow each Fane Valley company to design their own “My Account” area relevant to their business while maintaining a common look and feel and a centralised login where customers can login to any of the Fane Valley sites with the same login credentials.

Linden Foods Producers Club

With supermarkets increasing their interest in the provenance of our food Linden Foods needed to allow producers of livestock to review and update their own records online. We worked with Linden to develop a solution which maintains a database of suppliers, along with farm and herd information and a list of all animals enrolled in specialised schemes including lineage data and post mortem data. The system integrates with the abattoir’s records system to ensure that the list of animals is correct and producers are notified of any issues with post mortem results immediately.

Fane Valley Feeds CRM

In order to better facilitate the interaction of sales reps with their customers we built a cloud based CRM platform for Fane Valley Feeds. In addition to general record keeping the system also provides business intelligence around customer satisfaction and sales analysis.


The Fane Valley stores website is an e-Commerce success story. Broadening the reach of their sales potential well beyond our shores, the site has increased their customer base and turnover significantly.

By demonstrating the potential of creating your own software, we have enabled Fane Valley to not only keep pace with the adoption of modern technologies by farmers but also to innovate and stay ahead of their competition. By building software that delivers a tailored experience for their staff we’ve ensured that adopting new software need not be frustrating, but enjoyable and materially rewarding.