13 December 2018

GCD Launches New Fundraising CRM for UK and Ireland Charities

Chariteer UK Fundraising CRM

We at gcd are delighted to announce the launch of our new cloud-based ‘Fundraising CRM’ platform – Chariteer.

Developed from our base in Craigavon, and the product of over 15 years experience in the nonprofit sector; Chariteer has already been trialled and subsequently adopted by some of Northern Ireland’s best-known third sector organisations, including Fields of Life and Drop Inn.

The complete fundraising platform is the first of its kind available to charities throughout the UK and Ireland and has the potential to revolutionise how non-profit organisations engage with their donors and supporters.

At the core of Chariteer are all the tools that a busy charity needs to operate efficiently – donor management, CRM tools, donation management, campaign management and accounts integration. However, Chariteer builds further on these tools by placing a key focus on helping charities create and deliver outstanding donor experiences by meeting a need for greater transparency and trust.

By tracking donations to spend, the platform enables charities to communicate the impact that personal donations have made to their cause. Chariteer also provides complete transparency on the information a charity holds on every donor – whereby supporters can access their personal portal at any time and update their preferences, details and donations.

Our Managing Director at gcd, Andrew Gough, states: “There is a major gap in the market for a product of this kind. Research has shown that when donors understand where their donation has been spent and the impact it has made, they are empowered to become a committed and long lasting supporter. Chariteer fulfils this need by connecting charities much more closely with their donors. It enables them to build stronger relationships with them by keeping them informed about what the charity is doing and what the money they are donating is being used for”.

Darren Fowler, Group Digital Fundraising Director at Cash for Kids, says: “Charities want to be completely transparent with their donors. They have great stories to tell about the positive impact they are making and I’m excited to see Chariteer helping charities made this a reality.”

To find out more about Chariteer or to schedule a demo, email us at hello@chariteer.co.uk or call 0845 200 5129.