14 December 2020

GCD Announce Latest Client: PulseAI

pulseAI background with logo in the middle

GCD are delighted to announce that we are working alongside the team at PulseAI on a proof of concept project that will explore how best to visualise ECG data and detect arrhythmias from long term heart recordings using their AI ECG algorithms and wearable patch based monitor.  

PulseAI’s mission is to transform cardiovascular care using Artificial Intelligence. Using their intuitive AI ECG monitoring platform (PACE), data is shared via bluetooth directly from the ECG device to the patient’s smartphone. This large amount of data, approximately 360 readings per second, is then streamed to the Cloud where it is processed to automatically detect arrhythmias and present the most relevant data for the clinicians to review.

The new interface will improve the diagnostic process by surfacing cardiac data for the clinician in a format that is relevant and easy to consume. As a result, the information can be assessed quicker and a more informed decision can be made. 

PACE replaces the need for patients to wear bulky and expensive ECG monitors for up to a week before returning the device to a clinician, who analyses the bulk data before drawing conclusions. Understandably this process takes up valuable clinician time.

Using the solution from PulseAI and GCD, the clinician can harness artificial intelligence and an intuitive interface to improve the process of cardiac diagnosis, reduce clinician time and improve patient outcomes. 

“We are excited to be working with GCD and the advanced cloud technology they have developed to bring PulseAI’s medical grade AI to life. The solution will have far reaching benefits for clinicians and patients.

Alan Kennedy, Pulse AI

We’re delighted to be working with a company with such a clear vision of how they can use artificial intelligence to have a fundamental impact on cardiovascular care and genuinely save lives. I’m looking forward to seeing what we can build together.”

Andrew Gough, Managing Director, GCD