8 February 2021

GCD Announce Latest Client: Garage Door Systems

Garage Door Systems team member and a van with logo overlaid

GCD are pleased to be working alongside the team at Garage Door Systems to develop a custom web application that will improve their existing paper-based sales, manufacturing and installation processes. The digital investment will enable the smooth capture and transfer of accurate data and ultimately provide the best customer experience possible.

Garage Door Systems have been Northern Ireland’s largest garage door manufacturing and installation company since 1994. The custom application will address key pain points that staff face on a daily basis and redirect that valuable time into other areas of the business. 

Key areas to improve:

  • Duplication of effort and order delays as a result of paper-based administration and manual entry into their back office system.
  • Opportunity for human error as a result of paper-based processes.
  • Capturing payment onsite.

The solution will provide a custom browser based solution which can be downloaded to a tablet as an application, facilitating location or office based work. The custom application will capture relevant information and sync to the existing back office system at each stage of the sales, manufacturing and installation processes.

Sales representatives will be able to capture customer details onsite via the app and conduct site surveys, improving accuracy of data and enabling ease of use for the customer. Removing the paper-based element of the process will ensure an accurate order is placed without delay.

Those captured details will be accessible by the manufacturing team and finally the installation team from their tablet device, automating their picking process and ensuring they have the correct equipment for the job. When the installation is complete, they will be able to take final photos, capture customer confirmation and the final balance.

We’re excited to work together and look forward to developing a custom software solution that will digitally enhance the sales, manufacturing and installation processes for Garage Door Systems, enabling greater efficiency, improved customer service and installation time.