2 December 2020

Video Series: The Build, The Buy & The Blend

Cover Image with Andrew Cuthbert and the Title to the left, The Build, The Buy & The Blend

Should you custom build or buy your business software?

Every business has decisions to make, some of those can often feel like a gamble and the weight of responsibility in making the ‘call’ can feel heavy, resulting in both indecisiveness and decision paralysis. 

One decision we come across frequently is the decision on whether to custom build or buy your business software. We often find that business owners and IT Managers have really well defined ideas and thoughts around how they want to use digital to transform their operations and customer experiences, but are struggling with the choices on how best to implement and execute them. 

Once you’ve decided you need some sort of software or digital solution – the big question comes in – do I build it, buy it or is there another way?

There is no one right answer, for our clients we strive to help them make the ‘right’ decision for them when it comes to the build vs buy conundrum. This video will take you through each of the options and give you the information you need to make an informed decision.

Every business is different and it is important that due consideration is given to each approach. At the end of the day, the aim is to successfully achieve your business goals. The software should be a ‘means to an end’ and the focus should always be on delivering on these goals, in the most cost effective and valuable way possible.

We hope this video has been helpful but if you’d like to talk about your own business needs or want to explore these options in more details, you can contact the team here or read more in our blog, The Build Vs Buy Conundrum.