21 January 2021

Video Series: The Value of Great – Why Digital Experience Matters More Now

Why Digital Experience Matters Cover Image

Why is it important to have a great digital experience?

Most of us have digital experiences every single day and thanks to a major shift in how we work and play, it’s only increasing. A digital experience is an interaction between a user (customer, partner or employee) and an organisation that is made possible thanks to digital technologies, this could be a website, an order system, an ERP solution, etc.

In recent times, some businesses have been forced to digitise areas of their business much quicker than expected and many have had to choose a solution based on what the software will do – the checklist of features – rather than considering how good the overall experience of that software is – the ‘human’ experience.

Our video explores what good digital experiences look like, the benefits of investing in a software solution that combines digital experience, as well as the dangers of ignoring digital experience and its cost on a business.

What can you do now?

Map user journeys, not according to how your software works but around how people actually use your software.


  • What are the different touchpoints? Include both physical and digital.
  • What are the most important ones? This can help you look for opportunities for digital transformation.
  • Identify the ones which might need overhauled.

When considering new software or a digital transformation project, it is important to remember that digital experiences matter, be aware of the impact of the comprises you accept, and be prepared to challenge those.

Whether it’s a custom software solution or an off-the-shelf product, digital experiences should always be a priority, it isn’t an “IT concern” – it’s a cultural mindset. 

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