3 January 2019

Hey Will, Nikki, Ally & John!

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2018 was a great year for us here at gcd and we are delighted to be heading into 2019 with another four new faces in the team. 

Will Coulter Profile Image

First through the door was Will Coulter – our new resident Android Developer. A graduate in Computer Science, Will has come to us from a local engineering company, where he spent four years developing and maintaining android applications. Outside of programming, gyming it and gaming, Will has recently become a doggie daddy to a beautiful cocker spaniel puppy. There is a new boss in his house!

Nikki Graham Profile Image

In November we welcomed Nikki Graham as our first ever Operations Manager. Nikki is, without doubt, a one-woman whirlwind of organisation and productivity. In two short months, Nikki has transformed the office, has us recycling, implemented new policies, set up new procedures and has made everything run smoother than ever! She’s our very own Nikki Poppins! A massive sports enthusiast, Nikki has a degree in Sports, Exercise and Leisure Studies as well as two (YES TWO!) Masters degrees in Management & Professional Development as well as one in Social Research Methods. She once cycled 350 miles over 5 days in China and just completed four half marathons in four nations to raise money for Tearfund. All this as well as being a mum to two young kids! Nikki, you are a complete rockstar!

Ally Clarke Profile Image

Just before December, a certain Mr Alistair Clark came storming into our lives from IBM, taking the reigns as Lead QA Engineer. Despite only being here for a few short weeks, it kind of feels like he’s always been here. He loves to talk….and talk some more…. He’s been spinning up automated tests like there will be no tomorrow and has proved to be a really valuable asset to team. Outside of work, his life is ruled by two little girls, who ensure that he gets no sleep, little downtime, but buckets of good craic and lots of laughs. He’s also besotted with Arthur – his beagle. In fact, so besotted is he, that he gets out of bed at 4.30 am (YES 4.30 AM!) every morning to take Arthur on his daily walk. By the time Ally gets to work, he’s ready for his dinner!

John McElreavey Profile Image

Lastly, but definitely not least, is John McElreavey. John started with us in early December taking up a position as Developer with gcd. Another Computer Science graduate, John has worked in programming across a number of different sectors; most interestingly within the oil and gas industry. Here, John worked on software to manage finances, data analytics and also briefly telemetry solutions for implementing Alexa smart home skills to monitor oil usage in the home for customers. He’s a big fan of the Alexa Development Kit and Raspberry Pi’s, but realistically gets little time to spend on these interests with a lively and growing ten month old at home.

If you would be interested in joining our team, we would love to hear from you. You can view some of our vacancies here on the careers page.