5 December 2019

GCD Technologies Celebrates 20th Birthday

photo of cupcakes in the office

Wednesday 13th November saw GCD staff, clients and friends gather in our Lurgan office to celebrate 20 years of GCD. The event was attended by representatives of Armagh City, Banbridge and Craigavon Borough Council as well as the Deputy Lord Mayor Margaret Tinsley.

Lead by business owners, Andrew Gough and Andrew Cuthbert, guests enjoyed a drinks reception, canapes and in true GCD style some retro games with an arcade machine and a more modern VR headset. There were lightsaber battles, Street Fighter wars and in general a lot of fun.

After everyone was fed and watered with catering from The Yellow Door, we headed through to the factory floor for a walk down memory lane in a short presentation from both Andrews. We travelled back through some of those early and somewhat cringeworthy first web applications and websites we built, to technology long forgotten and finally we came to the present, where GCD has grown into what it is today.

From our head office in Lurgan, thirty five staff work together to produce custom software solutions that solve complex problems for our customers. We are proud to support real change in businesses and provide them with new ways of working through ambitious software.

GCD20 was a brilliant opportunity to thank our customers for their support over the last twenty years and provide a sneak peak of some future plans. We are excited to be launching our new website in the coming weeks and as part of that commissioned a few corporate videos which were showcased.

It’s the dawn of a new chapter for GCD Technologies, one we are excited to share with our team and customers. Our eyes are firmly set to the future, using the experience we have developed over the last twenty years to continue delivering impact and value to our customers.