Enterprise Mobility

Enabling more efficient workplaces through cloud technology

As a software company we are somewhat unique. With a relatively small but determined group of creative developers and designers we have consistently punched above our weight and delivered effective enterprise solutions to large corporate entities and local industry alike. We challenge the traditional software development process with our agile approach, favouring iterative workable solutions over lengthy planning sessions.

Cloud computing has redefined what the word software means. With increasing connection speeds and cheaper mobile technology more and more companies are realising the potential that the internet can bring to the workplace.

Enterprise mobility in action


We developed an iPhone app and dashboard for Michelin to record and display safety checks on the factory floor

On-site surveying

The GoReport iPad app we built has transformed onsite surveying and report generation


Our bespoke telemarketing system built for Concern worldwide has made capturing campaign donations easier and more efficient


Our Greenbox solution allows Tricord Ltd to run their fulfilment business from anywhere with an internet connection


The custom iPad app we engineered for Coca-Cola hellenic streamlines their sales process

What does an enterprise mobility solution include?

An effective solution usually includes more than one product. Often a mobile app is accompanied by a web based system which receives or provides data to the application.

Coca Cola

Coca-Cola Hellenic commissioned GCD to design and develop an iPad app to help streamline their sales process

Fane Valley

Formed in 1903 Fane Valley is now one of Ireland’s most progressive agri-food businesses


A cloud based ERP system built for Tricord Ltd to help transform their fulfilment business

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