Covid-19: Our Plan

As the COVID-19 pandemic continues, we at GCD remain fully operational, delivering all our client services remotely.

Our team smoothly transitioned over to a 100% remote working set up in early March and we are so proud of how quickly and successfully the team have adapted to this ‘new normal’.

As an ISO 27001 certified company, we have had a pre-existing business continuity plan in place for some time and have been working with our Emergency Response Team (ERT) to implement this.

The key areas of the plan we have been focusing on are:-

  • Supporting our clients’ businesses via the continued and successful delivery of our services
  • Looking after and supporting our team and people
  • Ensuring we are open for new business and projects
  • Preparing to exit the period in a strong position and ready to assist our clients with their future plans.

Successful delivery

We are supporting our clients’ businesses via the continued and successful delivery of our services

  • Our staff are all operating remotely, with full access to the required tools, equipment and platforms necessary.
  • Our clients can continue to contact us during normal working hours, via the usual channels of email, telephone and incident management system.
  • Our project teams are continuing at-pace to deliver and support both existing and new projects.
  • Our teams are working closely with all existing clients to manage any changes in their needs or support requirements.
  • All daily stand-ups and client meetings are being held via conference calls.
  • We are working closely with all our key suppliers to manage any third party risks to supply.

Supporting our people

We are looking after and supporting our team and people

  • The health and wellbeing of each and every one of our team is absolutely paramount to us and we are doing everything we can to help and support them during this time. This includes:
    • 100% transition to remote working for everyone at GCD, and the provision of all tools and resources needed to make it possible and safe for them to do so.
    • Daily and weekly check-ins with individuals and teams.
    • Continuing our monthly ‘all hands’ company meetings via Google Hangouts.
    • Encouraging flexible working and flexible hours for parents and those with other responsibilities.
    • Running a series of fun and engaging online ‘social’ activities to promote connection throughout GCD. Our weekly schedule includes a gardening vlog, competitions, tech talks, GCD cribs and much more.
    • The set up of a GCD book club, movie club, sports club and the replacement of Ice Cream Friday with an online ‘Slack Snacks’ virtual catch up.
  • We have many tools operational that are helping us to keep connecting, keep talking and support one another through this time.

Open to new business

We are ensuring that we are open to new business and projects

  • Our project teams are fully operational and are supporting both existing and new clients with both urgent work related to the crisis, as well as undertaking work related to projects with a longer-term vision.
  • We are proposing solutions and services that can help.

As a company, we are genuinely committed to ensuring that we do everything we can to ensure the continued delivery of all aspects of our business to our valued clients.

Additional Support

If there is any additional support we can offer at this time,
please feel free to contact our Operations Manager,
Nikki Graham on 028 3831 2361 /

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