Success Story

50% Increase in Class Attendance

The Club Hub App has provided Unislim members with an easy to use mobile app to track and record their daily health and food information, connecting them to the wider Unislim community and supporting them on their journey.

What we did:
  • Mobile App Development
  • Software Development Consultancy
  • UX & UI Design
  • Support & Maintenance

What was the challenge?

Over the years GCD and Unislim have worked on a number of digital platforms to help fully utilise their rich data and enhance the weight loss and fitness experience of their members.

Following the successful launch of the internal app and web portal, Wave & Weigh, Unislim and GCD embarked on the next phase of the digital product development with the creation of a mobile app designed specifically for Unislim members – the Unislim ClubHub.

It had a clear specification: 

Research Food

The app would be used by members to research the ‘bites’ or value of food and access the bespoke Unislim food database.

Record Data

Members would record their food diaries, water intake, exercise, sleep and mood.

Provide Support

A supportive community feed – described as the Facebook / Instagram specifically for weight loss support and motivation.

The Solution

Using Javascript, PHP and Cordova, a cost effective, flexible approach was the best option for Unislim. We began with light touch wireframing and workflows. The next step was visual design, whereby the UX team and design team created the look, feel and flow of the app.

During the design process, ease of use was at the top of the agenda. The app was dependent upon engagement, and it needed to be intuitive for a wide variety of members of all technological abilities.

Once the prototype and design concepts of the app were agreed with Unislim, the engineering team at GCD began the build process and implementation.

Key Features

The community feed was an important part of the app specification, it was developed with a social media news feed in mind and enabled members to do all of the familiar activities, such as comment, like, share, post updates, photos and videos, pose questions, share success stories and achievements. 

Members can receive notifications when someone likes, shares, comments on their posts or when Unislim HQ has contacted them.

It also has a powerful search function that handles hashtag searches and name searches (Unislim run a number of campaigns supported by hashtags e.g. #feedyourselffit #letsgetmoving #bestyouever.

Another key feature was the Tracker, this provides members with the ability to:- 


Record food, water intake, sleep, mood and exercise and automatically calculate any extra daily bites exercise will provide the member.

View Data

View remaining daily bites, all foods and their worth (i.e. a free food or number of bites) in a daily and weekly overview. 


Share their weekly tracker with others to help motivate and support each other.

To facilitate the tracker, GCD built a complete food database to support the app. The database handles all the complexities of the rules of each food type and automatically calculates for a user what values their meal includes. The team at Unislim were also provided with access via the underlying web portal to the food database so that they could add new foods and make any tweaks when necessary.

The app was built to automate the personal messages sent to members following their weekly weigh in. Unislim crafted special motivational messages for their members, based on the amount lost / gained each week. To save the leaders and staff time in scheduling and choosing which message to send, the app was built to automatically trigger and send the correct message, based on the weight loss / gain results that are automatically uploaded from the class for each member.

The Results


increase in class attendance


member retention of those who activated the app

Company Overview

Unislim are driven by a desire to create and operate an amazing support network and community to enable people to obtain their weight loss and fitness goals. They are Ireland’s leading slimming club, operating a network of over 300 weekly classes in Ireland and the UK.


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