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Unislim is Ireland's leading slimming club, operating a network of over 300 weekly classes in Ireland and the UK

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Unislim are an established company with a great reputation. As Ireland’s longest running slimming club they already had a strong web presence, however they needed to drastically improve how they use technology in their slimming classes manage the data being received from over 250 classes each week – so got in touch with us to help them engineer a new technology solution.

Class Software

Stage 1 of the project was to develop a Windows application, ultimately launched as “Wave and Weigh”, that could be used by leaders and members during the weekly slimming classes. Developed in C# using Microsoft’s .NET platform and with a front end rendered using WPF, the software enables Unislim members to scan their key fob and interface with USB weighing scales to take the member’s weekly weight. The system captures additional information, such as the fee taken from the member and weight loss targets agreed with the leader. We also provide a live report of average weight loss data and surface the “top slimmer” for the class. Data Synchronisation with the full online Unislim membership database is another key feature, retrieving updated data on all members as well as submitting data from their weekly classes.

Web based Portal

Stage 2 of the project was providing Unislim with a web-based portal that allowed leaders and staff to view reports of classes submitted, primarily to calculate commissions due to leaders but also to allow Unislim to collate data in a central location in order to help them understand and manage their members and, as a result, their business.

Member Access

Further development is already underway on the next stage of the project, delivering a member’s only portal that allows Unislim members to track their full weight loss history, keep a food diary and even interact with other Unislimmers.