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A rapid transformation to support digital-only engagement

Learn how Unislim leveraged digital solutions to provide unique digital-only customer experiences.

What we did:
  • Mobile App Development
  • Software Development Consultancy
  • UX & UI Design
  • Support & Maintenance

What was the challenge?

In early 2020 Unislim faced an unprecedented challenge to their entire business operation, brought about by the global coronavirus pandemic. Despite having invested consistently in innovative digital platforms and products to support their business, the core of their business model was built around physical weekly meetups for weigh-ins and group support.

With lockdown and quarantine the order of the day, Unislim identified an urgent need (and opportunity) to create a digital solution that would enable them to continue these weekly meetings in a new digital way, within the new normal. 

The Solution

Unislim are no strangers to digital transformation, having previously digitized many parts of their business to deliver the best service possible to their valued members. Over the years they have partnered with us to launch some great solutions, including both the Unislim Club Hub App and the Wave & Weigh web based portal. These solutions enable the Unislim community to come together to share experiences, provide peer support, track diets and exercise, as well as digitally manage all members and weigh-ins. 

Because of this previous digitization, Unislim were in an ideal position to quickly adapt their platforms to meet the new business need of supporting digital class engagements. 

The project needed to be turned around quickly and focused on providing functionality to:

Online Classes

Enable weekly classes to take place via Zoom 

Sign Ups

Enable new & existing members to sign up digitally 

Digital Scales

Enable members to log their weight data digitally 


Enable class leaders to digitally manage all data

Key Features

New UniZoom member offer

To introduce new online Zoom classes, a new membership offer was created online, which included access to a weekly Zoom class (invite sent the day before), as well as access to US Online and the Unislim ClubHub app.

Online subscriptions 

A new registration process was set up online to enable both existing members and new members to register for the new UniZoom offer. A custom web integration was set up to push this information through to the central member management platform ‘Wave & Weigh’ to give leaders a full and updated view of which members had signed up to attend the new UniZoom classes.

New weigh-in feature 

Crucial to weekly meetings are the weigh-ins, whereby members’ weights are taken and recorded to track progress. Previously these weigh-ins would have been undertaken in person at each class, with the leader recording their weight in the Wave & Weigh platform. Because this was not possible via a digital class, new functionality was created to enable members to record their own weight directly into the Wave & Weigh platform. To enable this, an email is sent each week with a link from where each member can securely record their updated weight. This provides the leader with vital information prior to each class being run.

Data management 

The final aspect of the project was to ensure that all registrations, weigh-ins and payments were visible to class leaders. To support this, the existing Wave & Weigh platform was updated with specific reports detailing key activity around the sign up to the new Zoom offer, all weigh-ins for their class, as well as attendance and fees paid. 

The Results

The ultimate goal was to ensure business continuity in a time of great disruption and this was successfully achieved. Unislim are a resounding success story of a company who rapidly innovated and adapted to serious business challenges.


increase in class attendance


member retention of those who activated the app

Company Overview

Unislim are driven by a desire to create and operate an amazing support network and community to enable people to obtain their weight loss and fitness goals. They are Ireland’s leading slimming club, operating a network of over 300 weekly classes in Ireland and the UK.


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