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Personal travel guides to the worlds top destinations Designed and Built for both iOS and Android devices.

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Built on an bespoke framework

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Cross platform implementation

Snout is an app platform built on iOS and Android for producing immersive tourism apps. Created on behalf of our client OLI (http://olidoesit.com/) the Snout platform has been used to make tourism apps for dozens of locations across the globe, including a suite of 15 travel guides for The Guardian newspaper.

Snout and The Guardian

In 2013, Oli formed a unique relationship with the Guardian newspaper group to develop a range of 15 digital travel guides. We worked with Oli to engineer a mobile solution, helping them to deliver 15 separate iOS and Android apps under the companies Snout brand.

We had previously worked with Oli, helping them to develop ‘My Tour Talk’, their first offering into the world of digital travel guides. The experience gained building the My Tour Talk app placed us in great position to build the Snout platform and provide an effective solution for both Oli and the Guardian newspaper.

Bespoke content management system

The app platform was to be delivered on both iOS and Android, presenting a difficult technical challenge. Our solution was to develop a bespoke content publishing platform which allowed Oli to populate both apps with up to date travel information for each destination. This data would then be synced in real-time to both the iOS and Android apps, providing the end user with a seamless mobile experience.

Redefining the traveller experience

Oli wanted to enhance the traveller experience using modern technologies and build features into their platform that could offer a competitive advantage against more established peers. We’ve been working with Oli as their technology partner for the past five years and have helped shape their technology strategy to include advanced mapping, video, augmented reality and CGI to create and even richer tour experience.