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Crowned as Northern Ireland’s next big innovator after their ‘Google Maps for cemetaries’ won a NISP Invent award in 2014.

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Plotbox’s mission is to fix the day-to-day problems of managing a cemetery. Their aim is to revolutionise a very traditional and generally non-technical industry through the use of digital technology. We worked with Plotbox over the course of 2 years to develop the system from scratch, into a powerful cloud-based SaaS platform which is now being used in cemeteries and crematoriums across the world.

An agile approach

Plotbox had the difficult challenge of presenting some very advanced technological concepts to a very non tech savvy audience. We began the project on some solid UX research. User personas and wireframes for the main features were produced and our technical team spent some time architecting our proposed solution before development work began.

Like many young startups Plotbox needed to move quickly, acknowledging that rapid change to the product was likely as features developed. We suggested running the project with an Agile approach, delivering ‘sprints’ of development work on a regular basis. This approach allowed us to avoid a lengthy specification period and meant that Plotbox could get their hands on some working software within the first few weeks of development. This approach continued throughout the project, with regular releases made available to Plotbox and their clients as features were delivered.

Google Maps for Cemeteries

At the heart of the Plotbox solution is cemetery mapping. Geo-Locations are taken for each plot in a cemetery and a drone used to take aerial photography of the site. We integrated this data into the Esri mapping platform to provide users a powerful tool for searching cemetery records through an intuitive mapping interface.

Northern Ireland’s next big business innovator

Plotbox are making waves not only within Northern Ireland but also within the global tech industry. They’ve been featured in some major technology blogs over the past year such as TechCruch and Popular Science. In October 2014 they picked up the NISP (Northern Ireland Science Park) INVENT trophy for 2014 which recognises outstanding business innovation.