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Thanks to the iOS app we built them, GoReport is transforming onsite surveying and report generation around the world.

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Often the best ideas are born out of frustration, this was the case for GoReport, when Conor Moran started asking himself if there was a better way while surveying power plants and water treatment facilities. Conor set himself a mission of modernising and optimising data capture and report generation for surveying professionals regardless of discipline. It was an audacious goal but one that instantly appealed to us as soon as we met Conor. Traditionally a surveyor goes on site with a notepad and paper, dictaphone, camera, measuring device and often other specialised measurement equipment. Notes, measurements and photographs are taken on site, and then back at the office all of the collected information is typed up and flowed into an appropriate report template. GoReport reduces to total time to capture and generate a report by up to 50% by capturing text, voice notes, photos and sketches directly into an ipad, all of the information is captured under the correct headings according to the report template and enables instant generation of fully customised Word and PDF documents.

Tackling the problem

At GCD we work across a wide variety of industries, and when approaching a new industry the first challenge gaining an intimate understanding of the environment and conditions that the solution had to operate under. Getting out on site and shadowing real surveys provided valuable insights. The solution we proposed and ultimately built was a SaaS platform consisting of a web application and companion iPad app. The web portal allows the creation of templates, editing of uploaded reports and general workflow while the iPad app handles all the onsite data capture.


This project present a wide variety of challenges to the team, one of the biggest was how to make on site data capture fast and efficient for the surveyor and not having them wishing they could go back to pen and paper. This was a real challenge as typing on the iPad screen is alway a compromise when compared with a hardware keyboard, and this is exacerbated further as you walk around with the iPad  in one hand leaving only one hand for typing. We tackled this in a number of ways:

  • Tappable Text – we developed a number of different systems to enable large paragraphs narrative to written up on site with just a few taps
  • Dictation – this is already widely used in surveying, but by capturing the audio on the iPad against the appropriate heading in the report template dramatically reduces the time spent to produce a final report

A printed and bound final report is still often the final output from a survey, but the ability to share, edit and negotiate reports digitally with clients and other professionals has become an intrinsic part of the industry. Microsoft Word, Excel and Adobe PDF have become the defacto formats for these exchanges. Therefore it was imperative that GoReport integrated seamlessly with this workflow, providing the level of custom layouts and design in an automated fashion to Word proved a real challenge, and required a number of innovative solutions. The result of all this effort is fast efficient onsite data capture, that can produce beautifully designed final reports at the touch of a button, and in an industry where time really is money this can have a huge impact.