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A cloud-based, SaaS case management tool designed for legal professionals

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Briefed was born to solve the admin problems that practicing barristers face every day. Handling correspondence, answering emails and filing paperwork are all part of a barrister’s daily routine, not to mention keeping up with the ever changing legal landscape and bringing new business into the practice. We began working with Orlagh Kelly BL, the CEO of Briefed, in 2012 after she approached us to help her build a SaaS platform that could help legal professionals manage their day to day business.


Whilst other software products were available for barristers, Briefed was one of the first to fully embrace web and cloud technology. With the sensitive nature of the data being handled, it was imperative that Briefed was developed from the beginning with security as a top priority. We engineered the architecture with this firmly in mind and worked with a 3rd party IT security firm to ratify the approaches we were taking.

Companion iPhone App

As the Briefed web platform continued to grow Orlagh approached us to develop a companion iOS app to allow users of the platform to manage their cases and diary. With our experience developing the web based version of Briefed and our expertise in bespoke iOS development we were in a prime position to offer our mobile development services to the growing startup. We built and launched the Briefed iPhone app in 2013 and have overseen a number of improvements and enhancements to the app since then.

Feature development

Like other SaaS platforms Briefed is constantly being developed. It has grown from strength to strength, offering a number of features including e-mail integration, document editing and invoice generation which continue to help the popular software product build upon it’s impressive success. The platform itself has also expanded, with the Briefed team working with us to develop a worldwide directory of legal professionals and a legal newsfeed all powered by the Briefed platform.