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The Perfect Project Management Tool – Part 1

26th February 2013

Does the perfect project management tool exist? I suppose it depends what you are after, and there is certainly no lack of choice out there – check outhttp://www.1stwebdesigner.com/design/project-management-collaboration-tools/

In GCD, we take project management very seriously. Over the past number of years we have been improving and refining our approach, and part of this has been reviewing what tools we are using to help manage projects. We use 2 currently: Harvest and Pivotal Tracker.

Harvest (www.getharvest.com) is a time recording tool that performs its core task very well, allowing you to create any number of projects and tasks within that project, recording time for any task you are working on. The reporting facility too is fantastic, giving us everything we need to review progress on projects from a purely “time spent” perspective. As our business is based purely on time, you can see why it is invaluable to have a tool that accurately records this for us.

Pivotal Tracker (www.pivotaltracker.com) is a tool designed with agile development very much in mind, with user stories, iterations, backlogs, epics and velocity very much the order of the day. It is another great tool, allowing us to keep track of the tasks that make up a project and real visibility of project progress.

Great as these tools are individually, we felt that there was a gap in terms of some other areas of project management that are important to us, such as scheduling, resource management, document management and issue tracking. There are other great tools out there that handle these individual requirements very well, but do you want to be maintaining several separate tools for each aspect of project management? Does a perfect tool exist that combines all of these elements together, but with the an impressive UI and the same level of detail for specific areas offered in the individual tools like Harvest and Pivotal?

In part 2 of this post I will be reporting on my experience trying to find such a tool. Whilst having the right processes in place is important, supporting these processes with the right tool is also important and can go a long way to making projects run smoothly and successfully.

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on 26th February 2013