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Summer at GCD

21st October 2014

Now that my summer placement at GCD Technologies has come to an end, I can truly say that the experience was great!

I enjoyed my time for many reasons, the highlight being the the people who work here.

Everyone is happy, fun and most of all willing to help. From the first day working here, it felt like I knew everyone, and since then it’s been like working alongside close friends, rather than colleagues.

On top of working hard, everyone plays hard. Lunch time is spent playing Xbox, table tennis and laughing, which is definitely a fun way to relax. It was not unusual, either to have a Halo and Pizza night, or getting lunch out on special occasions.

During the three-month period that I worked here I managed to learn a lot of different things. Working with the Support Team meant I got the opportunity to experience practically every product, so it wasn’t long before I had been involved in a wide range of different and unique tasks: testing and debugging – and attempting to fix – iOS and Android applications, working with databases and maintaining websites.

However, the main project that I was tasked with was automated testing. To do this, I got stuck into a program called Selenium. At first, I wasn’t really sure what I was doing: I had never used Selenium before, so that involved a bit of fiddling until I figured it out. The result of this was a succession of successful tests, culminating in a “Tech Talk” – a presentation – for the company.

Now that the summer is over I’ll be returning to Queens University to begin my second year studying Computer Science. As I said before, it was definitely a great experience to work here and I’d love to come back and do it all again.

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on 21st October 2014