Thoughts from the team

Introduction to Structured Data

Paul Woods  20th June 2016

The importance of real text on a webpage is now more important than ever before. A few years ago designers attempted to overcome the limitations of the web by using images to replace ‘boring’ text. Aesthetically it was great, allowing designers full control over all aspects of typography but it made it impossible for machines to understand the content of the page. It didn’t take long to realise the obvious shortcomings and today it seems like a distant memory. In today’s web, structured data has introduced a extra layer of compatibility between human and machine.

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gcd takes part in the 2016 Queens Work Experience & Placement Fair

Andrew Gough  15th March 2016

Last month gcd had the pleasure of exhibiting at the 2016 Queens Work Experience and Placement Fair. The fair was bustling with young and budding students looking to further their learning and gain some valuable experience. As part of the fair we put together a coding challenge to win an iPad mini. Read on to find out who won on the day…

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Richard McClean shares his experience working with gcd.

Picture of the Belfast Telegraph clock
Greg Dalrymple  14th March 2016

We recently interviewed Richard McClean, the Managing Director of Belfast Telegraph, and asked him to share his experience working with gcd over the past decade.

Is it time to say goodbye to Mogenerator?

Richard Mischook  7th December 2015

For iOS and OS X developers who use Core Data, a little tool called Mogenerator has arguably been the preferred way to generate Objective C (and Swift) classes for your data model. But improvements in Xcode 7 may mean that the need for Mogenerator is less compelling than it once was.

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Oli picks up double award at the Appys 2015

Greg Dalrymple  23rd November 2015

We were delighted to hear that Oli, one of our longest standing clients, picked up awards for two apps at the 2015 Appy Awards in Dublin last week. Oli scooped first and second prize in the ‘Best Travel and Tourism’ category for the Sion Mills and Failte Ireland apps we developed for them earlier in the year.

Gold went to an app developed for Sion Mills, one of the most intriguing and interesting villages in Northern Ireland. The bespoke iOS application was designed as a audio visual experience that leads the visitor around the village using a playlist of geo-fenced triggers. The experience was further enhanced with advanced mapping, photo galleries, video support and an augmented reality feature all wrapped together in a custom UI.


Second prize was awarded to the Dublin Discovery Trails app. The app provides a digital experience to visitors in Ireland through a self-guided audio tour.

Right Revenue shortlisted for “Best New Start-up” at WIB Awards.

 21st October 2015

We’re delighted to congratulate GCD client Adrienne Hanna on being shortlisted for “Best New Start-up” in the Women In Business Awards 2015 with her Right Revenue software.

Over the past 12 months, GCD has been working closely with Adrienne to develop her cloud-based revenue management software for the hospitality sector, and we’ve watched the project go from strength to strength, thanks in no small part to Adrienne’s tenacity and talent.

Almost 200 entries this year, a record number, were whittled down by the judging panel to just 30. The awards take place on the 19th November at the Culloden Estate & Spa in Holywood, and we wish Adrienne and Right Revenue the best of luck on the night!

Propertynews iOS9 updates

Greg Dalrymple  20th October 2015

iOS9 was released on September 16th and whilst the release didn’t hit the headlines as much as previous years it did include a number of features designed to improve the user experience of the mobile operating system. For the past few weeks we’ve been readying an update to the Propertynews iOS app to support two of these new features.

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Windows as a Service

Andrew Gough  18th August 2015

This week and to much fanfare, Microsoft launched Windows 10.  Three years after their much misunderstood Windows 8 release Microsoft are hoping they have finally found the right balance between their desktop and tablet/touchscreen interface. Many articles have been written about the reasons why Microsoft skipped Windows 9, and about how, in a radical departure from its traditional paid software model, they have decided to follow Apple’s lead and offer Windows 10 as a free upgrade for anyone running Windows 7 or 8 (for the next year anyway).

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God is in the details

Alan Lavery  17th August 2015

Your site might be failing because it lacks attention to detail.

Bold statement, right? Lets say you’re looking for a new car. You’ve saved up all of your hard earned cash and you’re going to shop around. You’ve spotted a car you like the look of. It ticks all the right boxes at first glance so you want to get in and check out the interior. You get in, turn the key in anticipation of the cars response. Nothing exciting happens. The car just ‘turns on’. It’s hardly going to leave a lasting impression on you is it? You would expect a little ‘je ne said quoi’ wouldn’t you? You’d perhaps want the needles to sweep the dials. You might expect some form of welcome message or sound to greet you as you get in. Small details like this make that experience that little bit more special, enjoyable and memorable.

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Can UX change behaviour?

Andrew Gough  10th July 2015

At GCD we are passionate about creating software that’s intuitive and easy to use. We are constantly revisiting the solutions we produce and consider Steve Krug’s “Don’t Make Me Think” approach as one of our founding principles. As designers and developers it is our job to do the thinking for people and make the job of using the software we create as easy as possible to use.

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