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More steps to making your website more search-engine friendly

30th May 2013

In our previous post, we described the steps involved in optimising your website for search engines and users. Today we will discuss how to earn links to your website and how to develop a social media strategy.

Building links

Links to your website from other sites are one of the most important sources of ranking power. To gain good quality links, it’s necessary to promote your content and your product.

The first step in the process is to research websites that may be willing to link to your site. The more authoritative the source, the more ranking power you will gain. So, for example, a link from the BBC or a government website will have a much bigger impact than a link from a personal blog. The next step is to make your target site aware of your product.

The best link building strategy is to produce remarkable content – this will create “natural” (rather than requested) linking and encourage social media sharing.

Social media sharing

Social media sharing is becoming increasingly important in SEO. “Likes” and “Shares” are a form of recommendation, and if a friend or family member recommends a product, people are more likely to pay attention to it. A social media campaign (on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube etc.) can raise awareness of the product in a cost-effective manner.

A strong social media strategy will focus on increasing customer engagement, traffic to your website and conversion rates.

Combined with celever keyword targetting and a well-optimised website, social media and inbound links can help to drive quality traffic to your site.

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on 30th May 2013