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Technology Strategy

Providing an experienced voice to help shape your technology roadmap

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Think beyond the product launch

Far too often startups fall into the trap of not thinking beyond the launch of their product or service. Experience tells us that funding the development is only a small part of the overall costs involved. Server maintenance, support costs and feature development all add to the ongoing costs of running digital product.

Having a technology strategy is essential to a growing business. Are you maximising the potential of your software with customers and employees. We can provide that experienced voice to help you work smarter and more efficiently.

GCD was built upon a passion for technology but we’d be the first to admit that it can be a daunting place full of complex terminology and abstract concepts. Our team of experts can bridge that gap between the real world and world of servers and pixels.

Fane Valley

Formed in 1903 Fane Valley is now one of Ireland’s most progressive agri-food businesses


Personal travel guides to the worlds top destinations Designed and Built for both iOS and Android devices.

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