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Mobile App Development

As mobile devices are increasingly becoming the primary means of accessing the Internet the importance of apps continues to grow. Understanding the pros and cons of native versus cross platform, Android versus iOS, with extensive experience in building award winning apps across a wide range of industries and platforms, we can help you make the right decision for your business.

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iOS or Android?

The worlds two most popular mobile operating systems both have their advantages and disadvantages. We’ll help you decide which is right fit for your solution.

Native or web?

The debate over native or web apps rages on. We’ve stuck our flag in the native side as they usually provide a much better experience for the end user.

Design led by the user

We take UX seriously and develop our mobile apps with a three stage user-centered design process involving user research, data gathering and prototyping.

Built on solid frameworks

Frameworks form the foundation of our development approach, we embrace the open source world but aren’t afraid to roll our own when it makes sense.

Coca Cola

Coca-Cola Hellenic commissioned GCD to design and develop an iPad app to help streamline their sales process

Fane Valley

Formed in 1903 Fane Valley is now one of Ireland’s most progressive agri-food businesses

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