Greenbox: Browser Based Order Processing and Fulfilment Software

Greenbox is an order processing, fulfilment and customer management system built to the individual needs of Tricord Ltd., a Lisburn based Fulfilment house. Unique in this sector Greenbox runs in a web browser which is a testament to how far web technologies have progressed. Developing browser based applications with excellent user experience requires the very best skills in web programming techniques. Done correctly it performs as well or better than desktop software but offers many additional benefits such as excellent remote working capabilities and all the advantages of modern multi tabbed browsers.

Over the past two decades Tricord Ltd. have used a number of systems for running their warehousing and fulfilment business. With each package they have been frustrated with compromise and limitations in the software which has tangible impacts on their business and clients. In 2010 Tricord decided to use GCD to build a bespoke replacement for all of the order processing software they use. Going live in January 2011 Greenbox had successfully processed over £800,000 of orders by May 2011.

As a bespoke system there has been no compromises on the feature set:

  • Sales Orders
    • Proformas
    • Quotations
    • Stock Allocations
    • Multi dimensionally pricing rules
    • Media codes
    • Delayed settlement credit card integration (PCI Compliant)
    • Multiple delivery address, customer contacts and departments
    • Automated delivery pricing
    • PAF integration
    • Automated and manual order imports
    • Returns
  • Stock Control
    • Bin locations
    • Full history of stock adjustments
    • Stock level reporting and intelligent re-ordering
    • Works orders for Bills-of-materials
    • Styles and sets
    • Virtual products
    • Returns to supplier
  • Purchasing
    • Drop shipment orders
  • Picking and Despatch
    • Streamlined picking screens
    • Capture of despatch information and integration with royal mail and parcel force
  • Customer management
    • Fast search and display
    • Credit control
    • Statement printing
    • Sales Invoices
    • Purchase Invoices
    • Customer Receipts
    • Bank Lodgements
    • Journal Exports
    • Reporting