Thoughts from the team

Propertynews iOS9 updates

Greg Dalrymple  20th October 2015

iOS9 was released on September 16th and whilst the release didn’t hit the headlines as much as previous years it did include a number of features designed to improve the user experience of the mobile operating system. For the past few weeks we’ve been readying an update to the Propertynews iOS app to support two of these new features.

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Windows as a Service

Andrew Gough  18th August 2015

This week and to much fanfare, Microsoft launched Windows 10.  Three years after their much misunderstood Windows 8 release Microsoft are hoping they have finally found the right balance between their desktop and tablet/touchscreen interface. Many articles have been written about the reasons why Microsoft skipped Windows 9, and about how, in a radical departure from its traditional paid software model, they have decided to follow Apple’s lead and offer Windows 10 as a free upgrade for anyone running Windows 7 or 8 (for the next year anyway).

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God is in the details

Alan Lavery  17th August 2015

Your site might be failing because it lacks attention to detail.

Bold statement, right? Lets say you’re looking for a new car. You’ve saved up all of your hard earned cash and you’re going to shop around. You’ve spotted a car you like the look of. It ticks all the right boxes at first glance so you want to get in and check out the interior. You get in, turn the key in anticipation of the cars response. Nothing exciting happens. The car just ‘turns on’. It’s hardly going to leave a lasting impression on you is it? You would expect a little ‘je ne said quoi’ wouldn’t you? You’d perhaps want the needles to sweep the dials. You might expect some form of welcome message or sound to greet you as you get in. Small details like this make that experience that little bit more special, enjoyable and memorable.

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Can UX change behaviour?

Andrew Gough  10th July 2015

At GCD we are passionate about creating software that’s intuitive and easy to use. We are constantly revisiting the solutions we produce and consider Steve Krug’s “Don’t Make Me Think” approach as one of our founding principles. As designers and developers it is our job to do the thinking for people and make the job of using the software we create as easy as possible to use.

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Grand Opening

Paul Woods  2nd December 2014

On Monday we celebrated the grand opening of our new head office in Craigavon. We were joined by a selection of clients, some friends and family and the Mayor of Craigavon in a small (virtual) ribbon cutting ceremony which officially marked the opening of our new digs. Read more…

Welcome Michael

Andrew Gough  1st December 2014

We are pleased to introduce to you our latest member of staff here, Michael.

Michael joins the team as an iOS Developer, he has come to us from his previous job as a Developer at Text Help. Michael has come up through Queens having studied Computer Science and says in his spare time he enjoys anything sporty and drinking coffee.

It’s great to have him in the team!


If you would like a job with us, check the careers page to see if there is anything that would suit you.

Welcome Keith, Alan and Filippo

Andrew Gough  10th November 2014

The GCD family is growing, and we’re proud as punch to welcome three talented men to the fold.

Alan Lavery has been working as part of the design team for a few months. He studied Interactive Multimedia and Design at the Ulster University, and has been designing websites for a few years. Alan claims to be a skilled drummer, which will be put to the test when he auditions for the GCD band. He also has a keen interest in cars.

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Summer at GCD

Robin Thompson  21st October 2014

Now that my summer placement at GCD Technologies has come to an end, I can truly say that the experience was great!

I enjoyed my time for many reasons, the highlight being the the people who work here.

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Plotbox wins Invent 2014 Award

Alan Millar  3rd October 2014

All at GCD would like to extend its warm congratulations to Sean, Leona and the rest of the team at Plotbox for winning the Invent 2014 award, announced at a prestigious gala dinner in Titanic Belfast last night.

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Hello to Richard and Robert

Andrew Gough  13th June 2014

We are thrilled to introduce two new members of the GCD team: Richard and Robert.

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